Monday, June 20, 2011

What Do Men Want?

I heard a sermon yesterday on my way to church. The pastor was listing things men needed to help them be the best they could be. I certainly agreed with him on most everything so I thought I’d share. There aren’t many men who read my blog but women if you can add to this list please comment, maybe we can write a book. What Do Men Really Want?

1- Men want real food. However they need the healthy stuff like salad, baked chicken and fish, broccoli and lots of water. Today the Train and I will begin our path to eating the healthy stuff. Yesterday we stuffed ourselves on the real stuff, donuts, barbecued ribs and snacks til we went to bed. We love us some REAL FOOD but it’s time to get on the track to a longer, healthier life.

2- Men want recreation. Football, fishing, hunting, computer or video games, etc. Guess what? They need it too! My philosophy is let him do one of these things cause he could be doing something much worse. I did not say his recreation should take every spare minute he has but he needs time to himself just like you do.

3- Men want respect. And as much as he wants it he needs it too. The Bible even tells us in Ephesians to respect our husbands. Obviously it’s something ingrained in them that makes them whole. A man who doesn’t get respect feels taken for granted and used. (Later this week, “How To Respect A Man.”)

4- Men Want To Be Encouraged. You probably won’t find too many men that will admit to needing this but deep down they do. Encourage how? Ask him to do something for you (I am keeping my mouth shut on this one) then tell him what a good job he did. Example: My hubby washed the dishes and put them away. After I woke up from my fainting spell I saw he had not put things in the right spot. I would have never told him he did it incorrectly, no I praised and thanked him. (Another thing, if you ever expect to get him to do anything else like that, don’t criticize.) Also
for encouragement, tell him he’s strong, good-looking, has a nice butt, love his nose, his muscles or notice his haircut.

5- Men want  "intimacy". Actually they need it. It really is a fact cause I asked my hubbyand there are huge statistics that say the same. Men think about it most the time in one way or the other. The Bible also tells us not to withhold intimacy from each other within a marriage unless we are taking time away to pray and agree together to do it. ( I may also right a blog from a woman’s point of view on this subject, because it’s a bit different from a guy’s thinking.)

6- Men want companionship. Ok maybe some of them don’t want it but they need it. He needs the togetherness with a good woman who loves and supports him. She can make him stronger and more effective in life as a husband and father and even on the job. He just needs to let her in to that deeper place he’s kept hidden. Opening up to his woman can open doors to
refreshing, rebuilding, and reviving their relationship.

If a man wants a woman who will walk around the world for him all he has to do is be honest about who he is and what he wants, love, support and respect her, and be a good father to their kids. It really is not all that hard guys. ( tiny bit of joking here)

7- Men want to be appreciated. Thank him for being the provider for your family or helping you provide. Think about the positive instead of the negative. Thank him for cutting the grass, for reading the kids a story, for going to church with you. There are a multitude of things you can thank your man for. On the Father's Day card I bought The Train it said thanks for being my partner and friend and for making me happy. He needs to know how you feel even if he's not able to share his feelings as well as you. You might just teach him a thing or two.

8- Men want God. They may not know it but God created the heart with a keyhole in it. The key is God’s Son Jesus. When he lets Jesus open his heart his life will change. A man of God can change his world, his family and his marriage into something amazing.

Well there you have my little list of what a man wants. What do you have to add?