Friday, July 8, 2011

Is There Life Out There?

This is a prompt from The Red Dress Club. For this week, take what you know out of your comfort zone. Try a new genre, a new time period, a geography you've only dreamed of, fantasy or historical instead of contemporary fiction, try the male POV if you usually write women. Or
vice versa. Switch it up. See where it takes you.        Concrit is welcome.

This is my first attempt at this genre of writing, so please bear with me.

“I thought you believed in God?” Mason stood staring at her.

Looking back intently Rachel said, " You know I do. I just
think if He created our planet with all this intelligent life then why couldn’t
He do it somewhere else in the universe?”

“I just didn’t realize you believed such things.”

“You don't?"

“ I mean I’ve always kind of thought that maybe it was possible. There’s a lot of weird things that happen  to make me think there may be someone or something out there."

Rachel’s big round stomach bulged as she jumped off the hood of the car. The baby inside kicked hard reinforcing her belief in a Creator.

Mason walked over from his vehicle and stood right in front of her. He placed his hand on her belly. Mason wanted this child to call him daddy, but he knew that wouldn’t happen. “Will he take care of you and the baby?”

Rachel could barely look him in the eyes. It was hard to face the truth of it all. “He said he would let me keep her and that he’d always be there when I needed him. I believe that’s true, I have to believe it.”

Mason wanted to hold her. She needed a man like him. Her child needed a father to be there all the time. He would do that for them, but it just wasn’t going to work out that way.

Rachel moved closer though she didn’t dare touch Mason. There was too much at stake. “Mason, if there were intelligent life on another planet do you think we could survive there?”

Mason wanting so much to be in another place and time with Rachel as much as she did replied, " We can dream can’t we?” With that they each got back in their separate vehicles and drove away.

Rachel pulled up in the drive of her home and sat in the car dreading going in the door. He would be waiting.

Mason sat in his vehicle daydreaming about a life with Rachel and their baby girl. It was a dream
that would remain just that…a dream. She belonged to Alec as did many other women on Astra.

Could it possibly be true? If only there was a planet other than Astra that could support human life he'd find a way to get Rachel and the baby there... safe away from Alec.