Friday, August 12, 2011

Has Your Ship Sailed?

It crossed my mind as my son and I talked about his college education…. how can I expect him to know what he wants to do with the rest of his life NOW when I have just found what I want to do with mine at the age of 47? Strange how our expectations of our young people are so rigid isn’t it? But it’s always been that way.

At the age of 46 I was given the opportunity to do something I had forgotten I loved to do. Turned out I can’t stop now and I’m attempting to make some sort of a living at it. I have found my calling, my gift, my talent in the middle of life.

Guess what? My ship hasn’t sailed without me. I wondered if it had because I couldn’t find my ship for so long.

It’s here! I’m on it, sailing out to sea. Sometimes it’s a rough ride, the waves toss me about. But I’m on for the ride of a lifetime.

Do you feel your ship has sailed without you? Wrong! There it is! See it over there in the harbor? Yes, that’s yours. Get on board and begin your new adventure.

You know… the one you’ve wanted to begin for a while now but you just haven’t taken the time, effort or money to try.

Maybe you just don’t have enough faith to push off and get in the water. Is that it?

Here’s the deal. You’ve been created to do it, called by your Creator to give the world around you your gift. Will you keep your light hid or will you let it shine bright? It’s your choice.

I’m sailing away. See me over there on that sailboat? Yeah, that one! Look for the Light and shine yours.