Monday, July 18, 2011

A Grown Up Orphan

A friend of mine lost her mother to cancer last week. Her father died in April of the same horrible disease. I'm just wondering how a woman gets through such a thing! I mean really how devastating to wake up one morning and realize you are now parentless. But for it to happen in such a short span of time. While she was still mourning one parent the other one passes. Seems like too much grief for just one person.

I was a grown woman the day I realized I was an orphan. It's strange to have parents who love and care about you all your life then one day they're both gone. Left me empty. Feeling alone, though I wasn't. My friend must be feeling alone now even though she's surrounded by family and friends. No other person can fill that void, that space that your mom filled.

Over time I decided to go for some counseling. It helped me over the hump. I prayed a lot for God to help me get up out of the pit I was in. He did. The loneliness finally went away and now I like to be alone. To think, to write, to remember.

I am confident she will find her way back to herself but the journey is long, hard, deep and painful. Although no one can fill that void, that space, God can heal and help her to move on with life. He helped me. He will help you.