Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A young man slipped ever so quietly into the professor’s classroom and sat down in the back row. Jeff’s blonde hair was unclean from days of not being washed. His once bright red t-shirt was now faded to almost pink and his jeans were stained with days of grunge. The odor from his body was offensive to all those near him. The professor had seen cases such as this before, a classic case of very low self-esteem.

He tried to get a response from Jeff but only a few muffled words would slip out when he spoke. No eye contact was ever made and he walked with his head down as he left the classroom every day. The Professor prayed for some miracle to take place in this young man’s life.

A two week break came round and Jeff went home for a visit. All was the same at home with the family. His mother was still the peacemaker trying to please everyone in the household. Father the strict disciplinarian making sure all towed the line. Then there was David his brother who had been left behind at home while he went off to college. A timid boy of twelve, who kept his grades up, followed Dad’s rules and let mom think he was as happy as a clam. Yes, everything was the same especially Jeff….

One night at dinner as they ate together a familiar conversation began around the table. It centered on Jeff’s low GPA at college, his need to improve his hygiene, his lack of conversation, etc. He had no answers, except that he would try harder, all the while knowing he had no motivation to do so.

Finally, the day came to leave and go back to the struggles of college life. The father walked Jeff to the bus stop to say goodbye. When they arrived, a group of men that worked with his father were also waiting for a bus. They began to taunt and laugh at Jeff’s appearance. “What a pig, oink, oink.” “I wouldn’t claim that as my son.” “He stinks man, aren’t you embarrassed?”

For the first time in Jeff’s life, his father embraced him and kissed him on the forehead. He said to his son, “Son your mother and I love you more than you will ever know. I am thankful that God gave you to me. And I am so proud that you’re my son.”

After that day, a transformation took place in Jeff’s life. His GPA skyrocketed, and he went on to become a computer analyst. You see, Jeff had a brilliant mind he just needed someone to believe in him.

That day at the bus stop, a life was forever changed by a father’s outward love for his son. That love gave Jeff the courage to step out and become who he was meant to be.

Placed inside each one of us is the power to step into someone’s life and give him or her what Paul Tillich called the “courage to be”. Will you use that power and step into that life?

Today I am thankful for my Father in heaven who gave me the “courage to be” who I am today and my earthly father for his unconditional love. I love you Daddy.
© Copyright Julie E. Moore

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Does God Expect Me To Be Perfect?

Grace comes in many shapes, sizes,colors, times, places, and people. God’s grace fills the room with compassion for the one nobody else will talk to. His grace walks through the door straight over to the woman who feels judged by other women in the church. His grace will never shun the one everybody turns away from with a quick glance or two. His grace accepts people right where they are without expecting them to change before He will befriend them. His grace holds out His hand and brings the lonely, depressed, and hurting to the seat next to Him.

If I in His grace don’t give the world His love how will they ever know such a love as His? Many have such a huge misunderstanding of Him because of the judgement Christians lay on them. Jesus was living grace in action, read the book of John and see the people He sought to be with. It was the “every man”, “every woman”. It wasn’t the self-righteous Pharisees He called hypocrites, those who judged others by their own expectations.

He never expected us to be perfect and we should not expect perfection of ourselves or each other. Does this mean we need to set our standards low? No. But it does mean that because we are not perfect no matter how high we try to set the standard it will eventually fail. It is Christ who will set the standard as He works in and through us. It means we need Him and each other, and we need encouragement from one another to move on in this world. His grace is the power within us that enables us to love one another, to love Him, and to follow Him.

It is the one thing I have as a grace full woman that empowers me to reach out and go for that dream God Himself has placed in my heart. It is His grace that equips me to live for Jesus, for without it I would be living for myself. Still I have to admit there are days, that I depend on myself instead of His grace within me. Those days are defeated, unfruitful, blah days.

Thank goodness I am crucified with Christ therefore I no longer live but it is Christ who lives within me. Galatians 2:20. This is grace brought to life in me. This is the reason I can live as a Grace Full Woman.

You can too. Grace is a free gift, there’s no cost to you but the freedom you receive is worth more than you could ever imagine. Want to talk? Make a comment, ask a question or contact me at julieemoore@bellsouth.net.

© Copyright Julie E. Moore

Thursday, February 3, 2011

10 Modern Conveniences I Love!

10 Modern Conveniences I Love!

1. My coffee pot. Coffee is essential to get me going in the morning.
2. My blow dryer. If not for this one my hair would be flat and stuck to my head. Yuck!
3. My television. What would I do without American Idol, Bones, House, Fringe, Off the Map, Harry's Law.....?
4. My laptop. This is my companion for half the day almost every day. I would be lost without it.
5. My stove. I really don't like this appliance but my family does.
6. My Ipod. My small pink Ipod is loaded with several hundred songs. I love them all, mostly praise and worship music.
7. My digital camera. I can capture my most precious memories with this devise and transfer the pics onto my computer. Love this new technical generation.
8. My Kindle. I'm a book addict so now there's a little space left on my bookshelves.
9. My microwave oven. I'm all about convenience and this has saved me more time than I could have ever imagined it would.
10. My cellphone. Last but certainly not least. What did I ever do without this wonderful portable phone?

I realize this list makes me sound like a materialistic, lazy woman. I will say I enjoy all the modern conveniences of this world and have been blessed to have them. It is true I love having all these "things" but truth be told I could do without any or all of them if I "had to". I'm just thankful I don't have to right now.
© Copyright Julie E. Moore