Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What Does A Woman Want?

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In thinking about what women really want out of life I guess I can only speak for myself then see if anybody else can relate. This is the second part to an article I wrote entitled What Do Women Want published at Christian Women's Online Network a few weeks ago. That article came from the perspective of many women I have talked to over the years. See if you agree with me on  these 15 points.

1-    I want to grow mentally, spiritually, and creatively every day.

2-    I don’t want to grow old on the outside but I know it’s inevitable. I try to slow it down with hair color, face moisturizer and drinking lots of vitamin water ahh but alas I turned 47 yesterday.

3-    I want to make decisions about my life based on what I want but when there are others involved, decisions have to be made based on how it affects everyone.

4-    I want to continue to live out my God given dreams without the feeling that I can’t finish it. Confidence!

5-    I want a man who will die for me. I have one.

6-    I want my children to be filled with pure joy. I don’t think they are… yet. Praying about that one.

7-    I do not want to be a people pleaser but a God pleaser. Pleasing God is so much easier than pleasing people. He just wants me to be me they want me to be someone I’m not.

8-    I want support from friends and family in the ventures toward my dreams. I do and will continue to support them.

9-    I want respect. You’ll always get it in return from me and usually even if you don’t give it to me.

10-  I need love to survive. Unconditional love. Not a love based on what I do right or wrong, just love no matter what. A love similar to God’s love. His love can’t be earned. He loves me no matter how bad I screw up or how awesome I do something, it never changes.

11-  I want my kids to fulfill their God given dreams. Well first they need to find those dreams, and then follow them. I will help them succeed any way I can.

12-  I want my husband to know real love. My love is real but insufficient for him. I want him to know God’s love fully and completely.

13-  I never want to feel like I just exist. I’ve been there done that and life without purpose is no life at all.

14-  I want to be an encouragement to others. That may present itself in different ways to different people but everyone needs to know they are valued.

15-  I want chocolate. It’s that simple. Give me chocolate and you have a friend.

What do you want? No really. In the comments section tell us one or more things you want even if it’s the same as on my list.