Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Identity Thief: Will You Let Him Keep Stealing From You?

Do you get your identity from others? It's a thoughtful question isn't it? Think about it. When someone says something about you that is negative, such as, you're stupid, you can't succeed at that, you are such a loser, you'll never make anything of yourself, when a lie comes out of another's mouth about you what do you do? If you believe it you can begin to take on a false identity. You are not stupid, you can succeed, you are not a loser and you are already someone special and precious.

Your identity is found in a loving God who gave His Son for you. You are as valuable to Him as His own son Jesus. So valuable that He allowed Him to die in your place on a cross over 2000 years ago. Is this just for the believer? No, He gave His son because He loved the world. Each one in the WORLD is valuable to God. John 3:16 It's when you believe and receive the gift He gives that your identity becomes one with Christ.

Your identity is wrapped up in the goodness of Christ not the bad of the world. You are whole, complete and full in your spirit. It may not feel like it, or look like it on the outside but it is the TRUTH. As believers we are to live out of the truth.
Do not let someone else define who you are. Combat their lies with the truth. You are loved, special, precious, worthy. You are allowed feel your feelings, even if someone else thinks you shouldn't be feeling this way or that way. Go ahead feel it, deal with it, know who you are in Christ, and move on to the next thing.

I read that in WWII while in the German concentration camps the Jewish people were forced to feel inferior to the Nazis. This was done by shaving every prisoner's head, man, woman and child, dressing them all in the same prison uniforms and by branding each one with a number. The purpose of this was to make them all feel the same, to take away their individuality, and uniqueness. They were called by numbers not their names in order to give them even less value. This is the way our enemy works to give us a false identity. He wants us to feel inferior to others, nameless, never unique or special. What does this do to us? It keeps us ineffective in life, especially when it comes to following Jesus Christ.

So the next time you are tempted, and it is the enemy tempting you to feel unworthy, ask these questions:

Is this truth?
What is the truth?
What will I do with this truth?

If you believe truth then walk in it and live out of your real identity not the identity someone else tries to give you.


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Keep tellin' it! Too many of us (women especially) believe the lies and ignore the truth. We have value because HE says so! :)

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I will if you will. Thanks for comingby Wendi.