Monday, July 25, 2011

How To Make Memories With A Grown Up Daughter

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My daughter took me on a 4 day vacation to Charleston South Carolina last week. I believe it was the best time we have ever had together as mother and daughter. This trip was my birthday present from her and I got to choose the place I wanted to go. So since I've become intrigued with American history at the age of 47 Charleston was the logical choice and its close to home.

We talked the whole drive up there and back, visited historical sites, ate at some great restaurants, took a few tours, went to the beach for a few hours and visited the market place.

I have to tell you with all the great things we did my favorite was the time we had alone laughing and talking in the hotel room, the car, walking, and while laying on the beach. I prayed before we left for God to let this be a time of memory making for both of us. A time we would never forget. And He answered that prayer and then some. The Fox (her blog name) and I were blessed beyond measure many times with great parking, seating, discount tickets, and other things. Some might say it is because we are two beautiful women and I could agree but I really believe its cause we are highly favored as children of God.

I broke out my new Sony camera and the pics are unbelievable, so clear and real. When you see some of them you'll think you are actually there. Or you'll wish you were there.

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Debbi is 24atHeart said...

JULIE!! I'm so proud of you! Those pictures are amazing! Congrats!!!! And what a fun birthday trip.

juliemooreonlife said...

It really was fun. Thanks Debbi! i will keep on keepin on with the photography. love it.

Linda Dunaway said...

Of course, I teared up reading this. How blessed you are to have a daughter & sounds from you post...a best friend. The memories you made this weekend together will forever be in your hearts & mind.
I love the pictures! I have always wanted to have an awesome camera so I could take really great pictures. Well, it's never to late to start, is it?
I can't wait to see the pictures you will be showing with your new love of pphotography! Thanks for sharing this...I just loved it!!!!

juliemooreonlife said...

Linda we did have a wonderful time and our friendship is groing into something wonderful. Photography is a new love of mine. What else can I get into I wonder?

TheFathersCreations said...

Julie, what a great blog of a wonderful time. It is truly one of God's greatest blessings to have a daughter who is also your Best Friend Forever! ♡ I know...I have one! :) Oh, congrats on your photos too! Welcome to the world of PFP...Passion for Photography! :)

juliemooreonlife said...

Thanks so much Judy. We had a wonderful time. yes I love photography now, well what I know of it which isnt much. Debbi is helping me with some good info.