Monday, August 8, 2011

Feeling Misunderstood

Have you ever been misunderstood? It seems to happen to me often. I have good intentions and never intend to hurt or cause problems but others seem to misconstrue my actions or words the wrong way. My motives are usually pure and good but sometimes you'd think I was a deceiving snake by the way I'm perceived. Is it because I don't always conform to the way they want things done? Or because I don't agree with everthing they say? I used to but those days are gone. I love people and I am so very tactful (most the time) but I now think for myself. Maybe I take for granted that what I think is always right. Maybe I'm prideful. I think I'm gonna be thinkin' on this thing for a while.

I'm just wondering could I possibly be so blind to what I say and do? Do I see myself one way and others see me another? It is really beginning to bother me.

This is all I have to say today. Just needed to voice how I was feeling.


Lance said...

If I hearm "relax, not every one gets you" one more time from my family and friends, then I may go hermit somewhere so no one has to get me.

Maybe we should form a band called the Codependent Fools?

Not everyone appreciates good nature and clear motives. You just hope and pray that teh right people are in your life and they love you unconditionally.

Thanks for posting

juliemooreonlife said...

Unconditional love? What's that? I'm not sure that's humanly possible. Thanks for the good words of encouragement.

AmySioux said...

Refreshingly candid and thought provoking! Here's what I think: As we get older we dispense with the platitudes or "fluffy" conversation in favor of truth and meaningful exchanges. I know I gravitate MUCH more to "meaty" conversations and a good debate than I do those exchanges that seem shallow and even hollow. I notice these conversations happen mostly with younger people. NOT saying they are less intelligent, but maybe more guarded than I find myself now. Have you found that this happens with a certain age group? Or certain personality type? I will keep my ears open as well and see if I detect a pattern. Let me know what you learn as you think on this as I shall learn as well! :-D

juliemooreonlife said...

I do believe that is some of it. I do seem to be misunderstood by some of the younger generation often asked, " Why are you grumpy?" I'm not gumpy I'm just being honest and telling them what is expected. I am not one bit grumpy when I say it.

There are also those times I am doing something good and it comes off as something wrong or stupid. I am a bit impulsive sometimes but what I do I think is in the best interest of others. Personality types yes that def plays a part at times. As you can see Amy I am truly thinking. Thank you for contemplating with me. I love to hear from you my friend.

Darlene said...

Sometimes people just look for something wrong. I find you to be a very thoughtful person. I take your comments to heart, knowing that even if I don't like it I probably needed to hear it. It has been my experience that most people really don't want an opion, just an agreement. And others can't always take what they so freely dish out.

juliemooreonlife said...

Thank you my friend. You speak so much truth and that's what I like about you.

Linda Dunaway said...

WOW...I enjoyed your blog & enjoyed what people said in their comments. I will ponder this also. Recently a very dear friend sent
me a card. It started off nice & then she said I was unique...what you see is what you get! I think she was trying to be nice but I did think
about it for a few days. I think people take me wrong sometimes too.
I like someone to speak the truth to me. Recently when you & I had were very honest with me and I really appreciated that. It made me feel like you really got me even though we have not known each other long. Yes..we will ponder over this, Julie!

juliemooreonlife said...

Thank you Linda. Right now I need all the help I can get. Maybe that's it... some people just don't get me.