Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today's Prayer: Son is Getting Married

Dear God,
The Hound is getting married tomorrow. What an amazing thing to be happening to my baby. Yes I know You have told me to let him grow up and I am seriously trying. Is this what you meant? To make him stop needing me anymore and start depending on another woman.

Yahoooo! Celebrate good times come on!(I'm singing) My pompoms are flying high!

Seriously it probably won't change much but maybe just maybe she'll get some of the whining and she'll have to look into those big sad eyes when he wants her to do something. Giving in to him will be the only thing she can do and she will. Then she will be mad cause she didn't have the guts to tell him no! Ahhh it's her turn.

Yes I have raised a spoiled young man but he has a good heart and a bit of ambition. He's looking for his dream but hasn't quite found it. I know You're leading him. I can relate because I'm only just finding mine. We are in fact a lot alike as I am spoiled too. But I'm 47 years old for crying out loud, don't I have the right to be spoiled after all those years of spoiling two kids?

Now that he's getting married there may be grand kids in my future. Don't You agree I need to rest up for more spoiling. I hear it's a lot of work when it comes to those grands. So with The Hound hitched and The Fox out on her own I'll recuperate from all those years of hard work and get ready for another round.

Thank you God for the opportunity to have kids to spoil, for kids that are finding their way, and for the blessing that The Hound has found a good godly woman. More than that thanks for the love and grace You share with me every day. You are quite the awesome One.


Michelle said...

You made me cry while I was at work. This really means a lot to me. I look forward to you being my mama for always. I love you! xoxo

Anonymous said...

That seems to be happening to a lot of my friends these days! Bittersweet! A new chapter and a lot of new joys to look forward to!

Elaine said...

Julie, there is NO bigger pleasure in the life of a mother than to find out that you have done everything possible to raise a son to be the man GOD wants him to be. When Matthew got married to the most wonderful young woman, which I know GOD hand picked for him, that was the most awesome feeling to watch my BABY boy become a man right before my eyes. I am just so proud of the man he is today, Christ centered, highly ambitious, he will graduate TECH in December, his wife is an attorney, and when they look at each other, they just melt into one-anothers eyes.
Tomorrow your little boy becomes the MAN that GOD created. May God Bless them both with LOVE, HAPPINESS, HEALTH and PROSPERITY!

Julie Moore said...

Elaine thanks so much for the well wishes. You are so sweet. Congrats to Matthew.

Michelle you are precious to me andI know we have many years of great things ahead.

Amy yes I am exctied about all the new chapters God is opening up for my family. good to hear from you all.

Flying high in the sky.... said...

beautiful!! i loved your header . .loved the post... and loved the spirit of it all!!! keep going!!!

Anonymous said...

Julie - Congrats on the raising of a wonderful son to be a blessing to his new wife. I understand every word you spoke so perfectly.

What an exciting time in life! Being 24 (at heart) is a wonderful age to be! So full of rewards and new experiences. Yes, exciting times!