Monday, September 12, 2011

I Did The Unthinkable Because of a Computer!

He sat at the computer every night after dinner, every Saturday and Sunday, almost every waking moment. I hated the thing. It had stolen my husband from his family.

The time I realized this monster was truly my enemy was a night that will go down in infamy with our family. I was on the phone with a good friend. We were having a deep conversation about”something important”. I was sitting on the stairs talking softly so the rest of the house wouldn’t hear what was being said. A pair of eyes glared at me from the kitchen. He was spinning in the computer chair waiting for me to get off the phone. High speed internet was still a thing of the future, dial-up was the only option. This required I get off the phone, which I wasn’t ready to do.

The hole he stared through me got deeper and deeper until I exploded. I threw the phone at him, while screaming, “Take the thing! I’m so sick of that computer dominating everything in this house! You’re on it all the time and now I can’t even talk on the phone!” I’m really not sure of my exact words but this is close.

After that I grabbed one of his golf clubs and threw it across the room! Yep, I really did it. Haven’t you ever wanted to do something so mean? But who really does that? It was at this point that I stopped myself and realized I was having hormone problems. Yes it was PMS. Although some believe it is in our heads I know for certain it is a very real change that happens to me.

With a few deep breaths and apologies on both sides our argument was over. However I ended up at the doctor’s office the next day recalling the events of the night before. Turns out he diagnosed me with PMS syndrome and gave me Prozac. Throwing golf clubs is really out of character for me so we both knew something was or had changed with my body. Medication in combination with a lot of prayer got me through the worst part of it.

Very seldom do I have a blow up anymore and I love my computer especially since I can use it and the phone at the same time.

This week’s prompt over at Write on Edge,  is to recall those early memories of being online. But please do not use the phrase “I remember…”
Also? No laundry lists. Try to focus on one small memory and share. Tell how it impacted your life and what it meant for you.


Susan Okaty said...

So glad you had a husband that knew something wasn't right. I know PMS can be horrible. I never suffered with it, but my daughter struggles with moodiness during certain times of the month. I feel for my son-in-law with three girls in the house! I'm glad the meds are working for you.

Flying high in the sky.... said...

glad you went to the doc... here we meditate instead of going on medication :) they have side effects and you become dependent on them... hope you will check with your doc or read up on it :) just two cents... thot it is important i let you know my views as a well wisher....

(Florida) Girl said...

I have a Hubs that likes to stay up late with his computer. I can see how that could drive anyone a little nutty...hormones or not.