Friday, September 9, 2011


A sweet friend of mine had surgery today. I dropped her off at the hospital this morning. I was slightly nervous because she had never had any surgery before.

Leaving her was hard because it was obvious she did not want to be in this strange place with strangers caring for her. But what could I do?

The only thing I could do was pray: Father I haven't had to pray for her very often but today I feel a real need because I am nervous. She's alone or probably feels that way so just let her be at peace. Give the docs wisdom and let everything go perfectly. Let my faith be strong in You so I can go about my day knowing she will be just fine because You are there with her.

I went about the day without worry, in peace, trusting He was watching her and making sure she was perfectly cared for.

4:00 rolled around I went back to the hospital. The nurse gave me instructions for her post op care and then they brought her out. She was very groggy from the anesthetic and would be until tomorrow.

Upon getting her home I helped her into bed, gave her a fudge pop and a few sips of water. Now she's lying beside me sleeping soundly.

Lola is safe and sound and now because she's been spayed her health will be better than ever.


Anonymous said...

I'm in hysterics! You got me! I was picturing this poor woman all alone and my heart was just going out to her.

With that said, our babies are just as precious and I know what you went through today as my little Lucy had that same experience when we first rescued her, only she had to stay the night (our vets preference.)

Glad she is home and doing well!

Julie Moore said...

Ha! I was hoping to get someone. Yes it was hard because I've never left her with anyone before today. They are our babies aren't they?

Anastasia said...

You got me too. I was picturing a friend all groggy eating a fudge pop and that you were so nice to take care of her and sleep next to her. haha.

Lance said...


WE have two kittens that will be spayed soon, a month or two. Our son, the golden retriver, age 5, was fixed when we adopted him 3 years ago.

get well soon, little one

Valerie said...

I remember a day like this last October when we had our dog Kona spayed. She was so happy in the morning and I couldn't help but feel terrible knowing what was in store for her later that afternoon.

She made it through just fine, and I'm glad it's over. I sure cried a lot that day:)

Julie-thank you so much for visiting my blog! I really appreciate it:)

Love and Blessings, Judy said...

Yes, you got me too! The only difference is I was picturing this sweet lady being 'dropped off' for surgery and wondering why you didn't stay with her! It is hard to leave our 4-legged babies for something like this! To me they are my children too! Just ask Debbi! Hehehe! ♡