Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wedding Day with a Glitch or Two

The Hound’s wedding day was a success. However there were a few glitches.

1-     I forgot to order the bride’s bouquet. Luckily after a few phone calls I found a florist who said she could have it done by 3:30. Awesome! The wedding was at 4:30.

2-     As I was blow drying my hair at 2:45ish I got a phone call. On the other end was my hubby. The conversation went something like this:

You’ll never guess what happened?

Don’t tell me you had a flat tire!

How did you know? I did. I saw a big piece of metal in the road and ran over it.


I didn’t mean to run over it! Anyway I’m on the side of the road. I’m gonna try to make it on time.

What! You better make it on time. I’ll come get you if I have to, no I can’t I have to get to the florist first and get the bouquet….

3-     Understand the wedding is at 4:30. I am frantically trying to remember what I am supposed to be doing while blow drying my hair and praying, “Please God get him there, get him there.” He got there.

4-     3:40 The Hound, The Bride and me jump in the car and head to the florist. We make it on time, grab the bouquet and head to the courthouse.

5-     4:00 I talk to my sister-in-law and she tells me the courthouse I planned on going to was not in the place I thought it was. This is a common thing that happens to me often. She gave me directions.

6-     4:03 I am flipping out again. My sense of direction is not "on target" so I am questioning where I am going and whether I will get there by 4:30.

7-     4:06 The Fox calls wanting directions and because I am so frantic I’m not sure I even know where it is so I can’t tell her. She freaks out, “Its 4:06 and you can’t tell me where to go to see my brother get married?!” After a few choice words between us we hung up. I called hubby and had him deal with the irate Fox.

8-     4:20 We pull in to the parking lot, go inside, have a seat and wait to be called.

9-     Finally we are called. We go into an empty courtroom and find the judge waiting to get started.

10-  The Hound and The Bride stand before a very kind judge who performs a perfect ceremony that ends with a heartfelt prayer.

The courtroom became a warm family gathering celebrating a wonderful couple who intend to spend eternity together. We could not have asked for a more perfect wedding than this one. It was God given and God ordained.

I am thankful that He can turn frantic into calm, cold into warmth, harried into peace and time into more time. I’m thankful He can take a woman who forgets to do last minute things and make her messes right.

The wedding was small, intimate and beautiful and that’s just the way it was supposed to be. Pompoms are in order here.


Lance said...


Susan said...

Fabulous! Congratulations. Loved your timeline description of the day. Love this new blog!

julie said...

Thanks Lance and Susan! it turned out to a success story after all.

My Pajama Days said...

Am I allowed to laugh? Out loud? I am incredibly directionally challenged, in fact, I was almost late to my grandmother's funeral even though it was only a few blocks from papa's house. I went the wrong way. My mother was visibly panicked by the time I got there, and of course I was driving my brothers as well.Congratulations on a wonderful moment!

julie moore said...

Yes Emily you are allowed to laugh ... out loud. it is funny now but at the time I was frantic! You should write a post about being late to your grandmother's funeral. Hilarious!

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Okay, this makes me feel silly for complaining about my hair taking too long at my own wedding. I guess no wedding is safe from a couple of glitches throughout the day. Glad the end result was the same though :) despite those few hitches!

Julie Moore said...

Katie hair is everything at a wedding. If my hair was not right I would flip.

May said...

If it went too smoothly, it wouldn't be as memorable. You got memorable!

Julie Moore said...

Soo true May, so true. it was memorable and awesome.