Tuesday, August 23, 2011

30 Days of Shamelessness, a challenge from Lance My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog.

I am not ashamed that I like the television show Little House on the Prairie. It was one of my favorites growing up.

Me, brother, Mama and Daddy would eat dinner and gather in the living room for television almost every night. My brother and I laid two kitchen chairs down with the backs propped up like a ladder and used then as a contraption to lay on in the floor. No remote in those days kept one of us close to the TV set so we could change it to one of the 7 local channels. If my memory serves correct Channel 2 hosted Little House on the Prairie.

 I loved Mary Ingalls. As a child I thought she was  beautiful with her blond hair and blue eyes, a far cry from my mousy brown hair and hazel eyes. She inspired me for many years as she became blind, got married, became a teacher, had a baby, lost the baby and still carried on through crisis after crisis.

I might have been in love with Charles Ingalls for a few years. He was gorgeous, strong and took wonderful care of his family. I always saw him as the hero all the years I watched. And I saw him cry. When Charles cried I cried. It never failed. That man could bring me to tears then an can bring me to tears now as I watch reruns. I love him still.

Although Laura was the main character of the show and I liked her somewhat she just never floated my boat. I'm not a tomboy type and she was. She could be on the whiny side and I don't like whiny, unless it's me that's whiny. One thing I did enjoy was her relationship with Pa. It reminded me of my relationship with my dad. He would have done anything to protect his little girl and she loved him to the ends of the earth. Same with me and my dad. I miss him.

Nellie, Willie, and Mrs Olson I disliked  because even as a child I could not stand to see the materially privileged hold their wealth over the heads of the less fortunate. Truth is the Ingalls were more fortunate in many ways as they had love, acceptance, truth, faith, kindness and real true heart. They never even knew they were missing anything. Where love abounds there is wholeness.

OK so I like Little House On the Prairie and I am not ashamed of it. What are some of your old favorites? Come now don't be ashamed tell me.


Debbi said...

I visited Laura Ingalls Wilder's home last year while in Missouri. A beautiful little cabin!

OK, I am NOT ASHAMED to say that I was (still am - shhh!) Donny Osmond's biggest fan. I'm convinced he married a woman named Debbie because he heard from God but married the wrong one. Oh well, I wouldn't have met my Sweet Hubby otherwise so all turned out well. I did however have my walls COVERED with 16 and Tiger Beat Magazine's pics of him. His voice still makes me swoon!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED that show! Related: I am not ashamed to say that at the end of the series, Bonanza, (when Little Joe got married and they had a baby and lived in the little house he built by hand, then while he was away and it was burned to the ground with his wife and child inside...) I cried and cried and cried for something like a week! I'm sure it's because Little Joe cried. And he's the same guy. ;-)

julie Moore said...

Ok you are two gals after my own heart! Yes I watched Bonaza too.Loved Little Joe.

Donny Osmond I liked but loved Bobby Sherman because he sang a song called Julie Do You Love Me and he was gorgeous!

Sorry Debbi it just wasn't in the stars for you to marry Donny. so sad but look what you got instead!