Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mother/Daughter Look Alike

The lovely Fox (daughter) and I took a trip to Charleston in July. We wanted to see if we looked alike so we took some crazy pics of ourselves. this is the result of the best time we've ever had together! This is also Day 2 of Shamelessness, Act A Fool.

I know feet aren't something everybody likes to look at but I like nice looking feet. These are nice feet don't you think?
 Here we did our eyes. Similar in many ways huh? Even the shape of our eyebrows. The Fox can raise one eyebrow higher than the other when she laughs real hard or smiles real big. I can't do that.
Trying for noses here. We knew they were very different before we took the pic because she has her daddy's nose only it's more womanly,,, does that make sense?
Now I know we don't look very smart here but we were trying to see if our lips were the same. I'm not sure if there's a resemblence because it's hard to tell with all the puckering going on.

Hands. I love hands. However after viewing this pic I discover just how wrinkled my hands are. So I am in a regular routine of handcare now. I'll take another pic in a few weeks and we'll see if they have improved.

After a very long day of touring Charleston and acting crazy with the camera the giggles took over and I could not stop laughing. Then The Fox got started and this was the result. We're pretty good with a camera don't you think. I mean in hysterics and still taking pics!

So do you think we look alike? Do your kids look like you?


Anonymous said...

I love the pics. I can see just taking the pics together was so much fun. Ya'll are twins just a few years apart! haha

julie said...

I consider that a compliment. She's beautiful.

Lance said...

you guys do look so much alike. I have a blended family. My almost 8 yr old daughter has some of my features and she acts just like me.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful it would be to have that much fun with my mother! The Fox is very blessed.

Julie Moore said...

I'm the blessed one. thanks for coming by.

Anonymous said...

SO MUCH FUN! What a great post. And yes, you two DO look alike!